Melanoma symptoms

Melanoma symptoms


     The number of deaths caused by melanoma, a type of cancer, is growing. Although there are modern methods of treatment, many countries have not yet implemented them in clinics and hospitals. From antiquity until now women have not ceased to surprise by the countless sacrifices they have made in the name of beauty.

     Trying desperately to look as young and beautiful, we use all possible strategies, from wrinkle creams to the surgeon's scalpel esthetician. But unfortunately I have not heard anybody yet who does not leave the house without having applied sun cream on the areas exposed to sunlight - and I mean just a simple walk - a sunscreen with a high factor. Yes! Melanoma cancer, undetected and untreated in time, kill! Anyone can get sick. Due to the very high number of cases in 2007, the doctors in the U.S., where just this year were discovered 59,940 new patients suffering from metastatic melanoma, as well as experts from Israel, where melanoma is a real national problem, study and discovers new factors that can influence skin cancer.

     On top of these factors, first is the Sun. Excessive and unprotected exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause changes in cells with a different risk, such as sunburn caused by excessive and unprotected exposure to sun or, more seriously, the appearance of melanoma, the most serious skin cancer.

     An increased risk presents also those whose occupation means outdoors activities, those who are exposed to ultraviolet light in specialized tanning salons (solar), those who have more than 50 moles on the entire body and many freckles in the back area, and those with open skin color, red hair and pale eyes, whose skin burns easily. In the category of high risk factors are those who do come from families in which at least one member has suffered from melanoma, and those with atypical moles.

     Within several specialized conferences, the American doctors have presented a study whose figures are not at all pleasing. Adding that this year alone, in America, over 10,850 people will die of melanoma skin; the study shows that a serious phenomenon discovered by researchers was that of the high and rising number of cases of malignant melanoma among young people. Even though doctors warn that anyone can suffer from melanoma cancer if exposed to the risks described above, unfortunately, the rate of the disease is growing.

     The most important role in melanoma treatment is discovering this disease sooner. Therefore both the patient and doctor should carefully observe any change in size or color of moles or other tumor such as, for example, birthmarks. In case of moles, the patient should carefully analyze himself in order to discover any melanoma symptoms such as any change in terms of asymmetry, edge, color and diameter, pain, itching, burning or bleeding lesion. If changes occur, then you should contact the emergency doctor. You must carefully self examine every inch of skin, without forget the ears, nails, scalp or the genital area. Injuries are like an iceberg.

     What you see is just the tip surface and in deep skin cancer cells grow. Melanoma skin cancer recur because, when the classical surgical removal of the tumor, you may not know exactly if the remain tissue is not affected because the analysis of histopathology laboratory is ready in about three weeks after the extraction. In terms of the Mohs technique, a very expensive surgery with the latest equipment, things are much better and allows the doctor to check that during the surgery each layer of the skin or in part, if presents mass tumor or not, and, thus , to extract just the portion affected. Following this intervention, the cure rate is 99% and there is no risk of illness relapse, unlike the classical removal surgery where the cure rate is 60%.

     Melanoma heals without the need of other treatments if the surgery reaches healthy tissue. This procedure is recommended for facial tumors, where it is an economy of tissue, or in case of recurrent tumors. As a procedure, it can last up to 12 hours, because it explores micron by micron, but the patient is under local anesthesia and after the surgery he can go home. Goodbye signs of old age! After painful and expensive surgery, but with a rejuvenating effect more or less visible, people faced a thorny problem, because the neck and hands betrayed their true age.

     Americans discovered the Fraxel fractional laser light, which treats scars, maintain a uniform facial color, removes the stretch marks and wrinkles. Perhaps the most important thing is that Fraxel removes the skin spots such as freckles or brown spots that occur after pregnancy or after the brutal sun exposure, and also the old age spots present on the hands or neck. Visibly improves skin appearance and some of the wrinkles disappear, such as those on the hands and neck. The improving of the skin quality is good for those who have surgery on the face and neck and hands. Depending on the patient, it takes an average of 4 or 6 sessions, made at a distance of one month.