Melanoma Pictures

Melanoma Pictures

Melanoma Pictures and Images

     Here are a few melanoma pictures, take a good look in order to better understand how melanoma looks like on the skin

Melanoma picture Melanoma image image of Melanoma picture of Melanoma

Melanoma pics Melanoma image picture of Melanoma pic of Melanoma

     In the above pictures you can see a selection of how melanoma looks on the skin, as you can see it can have different shapes and sizes as long as different shades of borwn and black. The main common element is that the shape is irregular, as you can see on some of the melanoma images above.

     Melanoma is probably the most critical type of pores and skin cancer. It begins in pores and skin cells referred to as melanocytes. Though melanoma is predominantly found on the pores and skin, it can even occur within the eye (uveal melanoma).